Table 1 shows the CIIs to be produced for Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB).

Climate Impact Indicator (CII)UnitFrom Essential Climate Variable
Nutrient and sediment exportstonsFrom impact models
Algal Bloom Extentkm2From impact models
Air temperature, e.g. annual, monthly or daily max. min., mean°CAir temperature at 2 m
Degree days for heating and cooling, respectively; outdoor vs indoor temp.°CAir temperature at 2 m
Drought; agricultural and hydrological, respectively, below thresholddaysSoil moisture and river flow, respectively
Growing season; leaf on/off, season length, Growing/senescence daysDate, days, °C daysAir temperature at 2 m and local/regional thresholds
Heat wave duration and No. hot daysdays, °C*daysAir temperature at 2 m and percentile thresholds
Ice days; daily max. temp. less than 0°CdaysAir temperature at 2 m
Frost days; daily min. temperature less than 0°C.daysAir temperature at 2 m
Floods; return periods of high flowsyearsDaily river flow and local/regional thresholds
Precipitation e.g. annual, monthly or daily max. min., meanmmPrecipitation
Short-duration extreme precipitationmm/hrPrecipitation
Surface-water temperature°CDaily temperature in river flow
Soil Temperature; monthly average°CDaily temperature at 10 cm depth
Snow cover and water equivalentdays, mmSnow storage above 1 cm
Snow water equivalentmmDaily snow storage
Water runoff or discharge, e.g. annual, monthly or daily: max., min., meanmm, m³/sDaily surface flow