About the Data

The table below lists the Global Climate Models from CMIP5 that will be available through the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS). These models are used to calculate the global climate impact indicators.

The ensemble members with different initial states are usually called realizations (explanation from CMPI5 can be found here).

Realization r1i1p1 was used here, as it is available for both historical and RCPs simulations (4.5, 8.5) for all years until 2100 (EC-EARTH r1i1p1 does not provide the full range, so r12i1p1 was used).

In general, one can also use other realizations. Different realizations of a GCM represent the ensemble members with different initialisations and physics. This is done to represent the variability of simulations concerning a single model. For calculation of global indicators, the choice was restricted to use one realization per GCM (r1i1p1) as an ensemble of 19 GCMs is being used. The ensemble of simulations from the 19 GCMS represents the variability in the climate system and the uncertainty in climate change. For further information, see 'Why the spread of values in the ensemble?'

InstituteGCM NameScenarioGrid resolution: LatitudeGrid Resolution: Longitude
CSIRO-BOMACCESS1-0 historical,rcp45, rcp851.251.875
CSIRO-BOMACCESS1-3 historical,rcp45, rcp851.251.875
BNUBNU-ESM historical,rcp45, rcp852.79062.8125
IPSLIPSL-CM5A-MR historical,rcp45, rcp851.26762.5
IPSLIPSL-CM5A-LR historical,rcp45, rcp851.89473.75
IPSLIPSL-CM5B-LR historical,rcp45, rcp851.89473.75
MPI-MMPI-ESM-MR historical,rcp45, rcp851.86531.875
MPI-MMPI-ESM-LR historical,rcp45, rcp851.86531.875
MOHCHadGEM2-ES historical,rcp45, rcp851.251.875
MOHCHadGEM2-CC historical,rcp45, rcp851.251.875
NCCNorESM1-M historical,rcp45, rcp851.89472.5
NOAA-GFDL GFDL-ESM2G historical,rcp45, rcp852.02252.5
GFDL-ESM2MGFDL-ESM2M historical,rcp45, rcp852.02252.5
NOAA-GFDLGFDL-CM3 historical,rcp45, rcp8522.5
CNRM-CERFACSCNRM-CM5historical,rcp45, rcp851.40081.40625
INMINM-CM4historical,rcp45, rcp851.52
BCCBCC-CSM1.1 historical,rcp45, rcp852.79062.8125
BCCBCC-CSM1.1(m) historical,rcp45, rcp852.79062.8125
ICHECEC-EARTHhistorical,rcp45, rcp851.12151.1215