Lessons learnt

We will update this section during the project duration.

Importance and relevance of adaptation

Current longer term strategic planning of management practices around heatwaves are done without taking account climate change estimates. Towards the end of this project we are keen to hear feedback from our client(s) on the effect on their strategic planning using this service.

Pros and cons or cost-benefit analysis of climate adaptation

Not adapting to climate change would result in significant damages to infrastructure, environment and human lives. Our case study addresses adaptation in the health sector with potential for loss of life from more frequent and intense heatwaves under enhanced greenhouse warming conditions. Unfortunately, a thorough cost benefit analysis of climate adaptation is not available yet.

Policy aspects 

Either during the duration of this case study or after completion, we are envisaging organizing a stakeholder/user interaction workshop, in which user groups, stakeholders and policy makers can be invited. Policy aspects can be discussed and any policy related issues can be identified after interactions and discussions among these groups.

Climate Research Section, Bureau of Meteorology

Population and Public Health, NSW Ministry of Health

Poster displayed at the Kick–Off meeting, 7/8 September 2017, Norrköping, Sweden

More records were again broken during the 2016-17 summer