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    Hideo Amaguchi

    1. Bias Adjustment
    We will use the data set of convection-permitting non-hydrostatic regional climate model (NHRCM) developed by JMA’s Meteorological Research Institute (MRI). This is no ensemble but 10 minutes, 5 Km resolution, Periods for (1980-2000), (2016-2036) (2076-2096).
    The rainfall data had already bias correction by historical data.

    2. Downscaling
    We will use the change in 10-year 1-day precipitation from the GCMs (with or without bias correction) as an indicator for the changes at shorter durations, which provides additional information about NHRCM. And we can evaluate NHRCM and see how well it can reproduce the empirical results.

    3. Tailoring processes
    Tailoring processes is still under consideration.


    Jonas Olsson

    Tokyo (update):

    1. Which indicators / climate variables are you most interested in (temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, streamflow etc.)?

    For us it would be very helpful to have daily extreme precipitation as an indicator. Preferably we would be able to select a period (e.g. 2036-2065) and then get e.g. the 3- or 10-year value of daily precipitation in this period.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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