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    The downloading of the bias corrected GCM ECVs is really really slow. It seems to be the sub-area extraction and packaging of all the netcdfsthat thake a lot of time on the server side. Once the zip-file is ready the download goes smooth.

    Would it be possible to instead download the global netcdfs directly one by one without the sub-area extraction. It would probably be much quicker than to wait for the server to do the extraction.

    Of course if the data would be available at the CDS that would also be wonderful, but when would that happen?


    I can understand it takes a lot of time to extract all the data from all the GCM-models for a large domain. So that’s not an issue anymore.

    However, I would suggest that for larger files, the user would get a link to the downloadable file instead. And that you keep that file a little bit longer than now.

    It happend to me several times with the current system that the download process was somehow interrupted by low internet bandwidth, and then the downloaded netcdf file is corrupted – and if I am not fast enough to try again with the download link (which is actually saved by chrome), the downloadable file at the SMHI server is already removed.



    I will investigate this further and see if it is possible to improve the downloading procedure according to your suggestion.


    The download of ECVs has been improved. When ECVs are downloaded a new web page appears with information about the download.
    o The ECVs will first be prepared for the selected point/region.

    o Once the file has been generated, it is possible to download it by clicking “Download File”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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