Lessons learnt

The cooperation among the major institutions involved in the region has proven itself a key tool in the management of water allocation and river basin sustainable development. On one hand, a rapid sharing information between NAWAPI and DMC played an essential role in case of flooding and droughts, reducing the dramatic outcomes of disaster events.  On the other hand, a constant communication between NAWAPI and MRC allowed improving the cooperation between Vietnam and Cambodia. Therefore, collecting data should be a priority in the institution’s agenda in order to make more informed decisions.

Importance and relevance of adaptation

The impacts of flooding and droughts in local, national and regional scale are severe and a bad management of the site will increase the outcomes, especially considering the future scenario in a climate change prospective. The effect of using the climate service covers an important role in technology and global open data in order to reduce burden on local related infrastructures (reservoirs, gauged stations) while facilitate access to information. Meanwhile, it will allow decision makers to understand and predict the likelihood of hazards, vulnerability of the system and adopt the required measures.

Pros and cons or cost-benefit analysis of climate adaptation

Cost benefit analysis of climate adaptation is not available yet, but from previous experiences, costs would be numerous if the adaptation measures are not placed. Indeed, a weak preparation in prevention and protection from flooding and droughts due to climate change would result in significant damages to infrastructure, environment and human lives. A better understanding of these phenomena will ensure more efficient management and a reduction in costs and risks.

Policy aspects

The Law on Water Resources. http://www.wepa-db.net/policies/law/vietnam/lwr.htm
Law on natural disaster prevention and control. https://www.preventionweb.net/english/policies/v.php?id=42335&cid=190

National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation

Poster displayed at the Kick–Off meeting, 7/8 September 2017, Norrköping, Sweden

Delineated Srepok River basin on the DEM background, streams and meteorological stations