Climate impact indicators
Global essential climate variables/indicators used

Mean monthly precipitation at 2 deg (JJAS and monsoon period), maximum monthly temperature for the months of October to March and monthly water runoff for JJAS  from C3S_422_Lot1_SMHI contract

Global data to regional/local scale

Step 1: The CIIs at 2 deg on mean monthly precipitation (JJAS and monsoon period), together with the maximum monthly temperature for the months of October to March (cropping period in the command area) and monthly water runoff for JJAS (for water availability in the reservoir) were provided by the C3S_422_Lot1_SMHI contract. The ensemble of essential climate variables used to calculate the CIIs for both RCPs 4.5 and 8.5 are available in the CDS catalogue.

Step 2: The spatial - temporal variability of the CIIs are mapped and used to understand the variability in climate in future time horizons.

Step 3: Adaptation measures for the agriculture and water sector are envisaged based on the changes in the CIIs and reported back to the stakeholders.

National Institute of Hydrology

Water Resources Department, Government of Rajasthan

Poster displayed at the Kick–Off meeting, 7/8 September 2017, Norrköping, Sweden

Various River Basins in the Rajasthan State of India