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    A. Explain briefly what data you are planning to use for your case study and what data analyses and or (bias) – corrections you have already done or are planning to do

    B. To advise you on the most appropriate bias correction/adjustment and data analyses methods please answer the following key questions
    1. Which indicators / climate variables are you most interested in (temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, streamflow etc.)?
    2. Are you interested in gridded data or point/station data?
    3. What local data do you have available for bias correction ( e.g. station data on precipitation and temperature or a particular gridded data set)? For which time period, daily/monthly data?
    4. For your case are you only interested in changes in average values, or also in extremes (e.g. extreme rainfall, floods, droughts etc.)?
    5. Do you need to correct precipitation data? If so, are the number of raindays very important or only the total amount of rainfall?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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